12th July 2017

Martin Reilly Posted: Today we had luck with the weather at Gut Thailing, 6 members and 1 Guest played in the 2 flights.

In the second flight the 2nd round of the MatchPlay competition was played between David Leigh and Myself.
It was a close match with David and I going 1 UP / 1 DOWN nearly every hole, but, I was able to bring all square at the end of the front 9, On the second 9 I was able to pull away but it was a very too and fro match. I was able to go 1UP with the last to play, with neither player going more than 2UP during the match. We both took tee shots down the lefthand side and were both on the green with the approach shot, David drilled a long put into the hole for Birdie and I could only make par, SUDDEN DEATH…
We went back to the 1st hole, after a great tee shot David was only 2meters from the pin and I was short, I chipped through the green and took 2 puts, again Davids’ putting was on point, he made an easy par to win the Match 1UP.

The other stable ford results are:

Markus Fraunholz 39
Bruwer Swanepoel 37
David Leigh 35

Steve Wallace 33
Martin Reilly 30
Martin Clark 30

David B (Guest) 37

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