9th July 2017

***** EGS Breaking News *****
12 members attended the Stroke Play Competition at Erding and were fighting the elements. The rain started on hole 2 and was quite heavy, thankfully the thunder and lightning passed north of us. We were all soaked when the rain stopped on hole 7. Ignoring the elements some of us were able to play proper golf. On hole 15 William Wilde lost both, his tee shot and his provisional ball, and had to run back to tee off again. He scored a 9 on that Par 5, but this didn’t stop him from winning the Stroke Play with a total score of 83. Congratulations!!!!
Second became Steven Pritchard with 85 shots and in third place Adam Cockill with 86 shots.

In parallel we played the regular stableford competition:
1. Markus Fraunholz with 36 Stbf and better last 6 holes
2. William Wilde with 36 Stbf
3. Adam Cockill with 34 Stbf.

The next events are:
Wed 12 July at Gut Thailing at 08:30
Fri 21 July at Erding at 14:00
Sun 23 July at Odelzhausen at 08:30

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